Live Webinar on

Core skill sets required for Mechanical students to be successful

Friday, 22th April 2022
Live at 8 PM(IST)
Attendees - Pre Final Year (CS/IT/ENTC)

In demand Job Roles like DESIGN, Product Development and Plant Operation are exceedingly pushing the boundaries of what we consider realistically possible. We are surprised by the rising demand for DESIGN, Product Development and Plant Operation Job Roles that are getting high packages during these COVID times. Companies need these experts to design and develop the product and handle the operations of a plant.
At SKILLEDGE we are a team of SKILL practitioners – TeacherPreneur to Product Strategist to Digital experts – who believe in and execute JOB SPECIFIC skill training for Job seekers and Job Creators. The courses are developed and executed to provide 100% SKILLING for a particular Job role, ensuring GUARANTEED EMPLOYABILITY.
SKILLEDGE’s history of working with thousands of students and transforming their careers DAY 1 JOB READY and New Age Tech professionals. Our G.E.T. Masterclass is designed for Job Ready Training & Placement in Core Companies for Graduates & Post Graduates students.
Webinar Highlights-
  • Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 How Job Scenarios are changing
  • Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 Skills required to be employable
  • Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 Hiring in CORE Engineering Companies
  • Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 SKILLS required from an Engineer
  • Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22 How to acquire those skills

Dr. Meraj Danish

B. Tech, M. Tech, PhD
15+ Years of training

A ‘Teacher+ Preneur’ who is backed by the journey from being a Network Marketer, Derivatives Trader, International Sales & Marketing Manager, Product Evangelist, to being a Business Leader. A seasoned executive with a solid reputation for over 20 years of building products and brands in the B2B and B2C space through strategic direction and positive leadership in sectors such as Education, IT/ITeS,& E-commerce.

A passionate educationist and business leader with exceptional people management skills, and has been successfully running a SKILLING initiative to reduce the gap between academic and industry.

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