Why has Technology Equality Become a “Need of the Hour”?

Technology Equality: Need of the Hour!

This is the era of digital things, and everything that can be made available has either been placed on a digital platform or is in the process! Everyone across the globe is talking about technology, technological enhancements, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML). Tech news has already declared in the virtual world that “Data is the new Oil,” and industries are striving hard to make this accurate in the real world!  

Mainly, since the last decade, the Data Science domain has been booming, which has driven the need to expedite the business operations, functioning, processes, and ultimately the resulting outcome. Currently, the utilization of Data Analytics is increasing, making businesses grow exponentially.  

Although most of the industries and business verticals have already started using Data Analytics in their business, some businesses, domains, and industries don’t have access to the Data Analytical tools because of various reasons. Due to this, a biased technology scenario might get created in the future as only the giant companies may have full access to the latest technological enhancements across the globe. 

Many national government authorities across the globe have already started thinking about remedies to avoid the technology bias scenario. The latest tech news portals and channels are also spreading awareness in this regard.   

The best approach in this scenario is to make every constituent element of the society digitally literate. Increasing digital and technological literacy should be all-inclusive. That means it should include even the last possible element of society. This way, the outreach of the technological enhancement can be widespread across the globe, and digital illiteracy or tech bias scenarios can be avoided to a greater extent.   

It has been usually observed that the minority communities are easily and automatically thrown out of the flow. So, the local authorities in every region should run the movements to include the minority communities in the flow of digital literacy.   

Local and national government authorities should pass strict laws in the legislative assemblies and make sure that those laws and regulations are obeyed to benefit the needy masses. Consistency and dedication in this work will surely lead to the successful tomorrow of the digitally literate and technologically advanced “gen-next,” i.e., next generation!   

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