Top 7 Key Points Your Kids Must Know About Digital Citizenship

7 Key Things Kids Must Know About Digital Citizenship!

Children all over the world have access to digital devices from a young age. A recently conducted survey has shown that children are getting their first smartphones at eight years. Those kids who do not have their own smart devices have access to their parent’s devices. Children now spend a reasonable amount of time on social media. Kids have posted irresponsible posts or comments on social media. Hence, arise the need to teach kids about becoming a digital citizens in a responsible way. 

Digital citizenship as a concept is very new and at par with the ongoing times. The education of the kid is important in this aspect. This article has highlighted seven key points you need to know about digital citizenship for students. 

Privacy and safety

When you describe digital citizenship to your kids, highlight this aspect. This includes password sharing, setup of parent control on different devices. One important fact is the difference between real and screen names. One must never use real names in games. 

Time spent on screen

For the digital citizens, it must be decided the purpose for which they can use a device. Can they use it for playing games? What is the time they can spend on games? When they are not allowed to use it? These have to be decided beforehand. 

Social media

For the digital citizen, decide beforehand who they can connect with on social media. What is the correct behavior to show on such platforms? What kind of posts can they post, and what must not be posted?


Can the children download apps, movies, games, songs, or books? What is the age limit of the apps that can be downloaded on the device?

Texts and calls

Is there a limit on texting? Will the children be told about the total number of calls they can make and texts they can send?


The digital citizenship websites usage must be made clear before using them. Make it clear as to who will repair the device it gets lost or damaged.

Online cameras and videos

The kids must always take permission before taking pictures of others or posting them on social media. 

Concluding remarks 

Talking with the kids on these issues is always better before exploring the digital world. This will make them responsible, and you will worry less about their online behavior.

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