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Unfortunately, all professions convey stereotypes, and a web developer is not spared. Indeed, the biggest cliché from which web developers suffer is that they are, supposedly, all “geeks”: shy introverts who spend their day behind a screen and who have no communication skills.

If you are a developer, you know for a fact that this is wrong and that you are much more than that! But sometimes, it’s challenging to make it clear to the HR manager who is conducting your interview for the job you want to land, knowing that he undoubtedly has specifically received ideas.

So here are seven tips to know how to sell yourself well for the job of a web developer.

  1. Think about your interlocutor and adapt your CV

Usually, the people who will interview you are human resources managers who do not necessarily have web development knowledge. Therefore, it is crucial to adapt your presentation and CV accordingly.

  1. Using GitHub

GitHub is the most famous source code hosting site with various programming languages ​​and modification systems.

When a business hires you, it invests in you. Recognizing what you’re capable of, they’ll immediately understand you’re the correct person. You will demonstrate your coding talent by being active and consistent on GitHub.

  1. Develop your skills

In your life as a website developer, you will constantly learn. These days, training is straightforward. Many sites are allowing you to learn to practice. The more abilities you have, the more legitimate you will appear while applying for jobs and increasing your chances of landing your first one.

  1. Compete in a Hackathon

A hackathon is an event where a web specialist meets to work on a project in a limited period in a collaborative way. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet developers, showcase your coding skills, learn in a fun way, and earn rewards!

Do not hesitate any longer; many developers could get their first job by participating!

  1. In terms of outcomes, highlight your projects/creations

Talking about your experience is good. Talking about it in terms of results is much better. Select one or two examples from your personal or professional experience where your participation has helped improve the project results. Show your recruiter your work if you’ve created websites, apps, or anything else that has visual support! Do not hesitate at any cost.

  1. Keep up to date with Tech news

Don’t miss the news. Show that you are open and interested in developments in the field of code. Thanks to this, you will sharpen your critical thinking, improve yourself and shine in job interviews.

  1. Job Research

Anticipate your job search. This advice may seem obvious, but you must prepare your applications and future interviews as best as possible to be serene and sure of yourself! It starts by putting the tips above into practice, which are a good foundation for you.

Concluding remarks:

Implementing these 7 cool hacks will make you a “complete” web developer, who is always ready for all the future challenges in the way. Hence, we strongly recommend utilizing these hacks whenever and wherever possible.

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