Top 10 things that have always been true about SKILLEDGE learners!

Top 10 TRUE things about SKILLEDGE learners!

E-learning is generally a combination of learning materials that can be taken on a computer and a system that grasps and manages learning history and test results (learning management system). There are some common features between online training conducted in a web conferencing system and online training to watch recorded lessons.

1. Can do group work

Group work is possible with online training using web conferencing tools such as Zoom and Teams. Many web conferencing tools can divide participants into smaller groups and assign each room. It is possible to form a small group and hold a group discussion even if there are many participants. Another feature of about SKILLEDGE learners is that instructors can join each group to give advice and feedback.

2. You can ask questions by chatting

While it may seem difficult for teachers and students to have online interactive training, real-time online training allows you to ask questions, such as through chat. In addition, the web conferencing tool also has a questionnaire function, so you can take a questionnaire from the students and use it for training.

3. Can be done by telework

Being able to train by telework is a major feature of online training. In group training, many people gather in one place to receive training, but online training can be done at home as long as you have an internet environment, a terminal, and a quiet place. Therefore, in online training, paying for the venue and transportation expenses for the instructor is not necessary, which leads to lower training costs. 

4. You can watch the lecture repeatedly

Viewing recorded content the feature of online training is that you can watch the lecture repeatedly. There are always people who are quick and slow to understand among the participants in the training. However, online training by watching recorded lectures corrects such individual differences, so it is possible to raise the students’ level of understanding.

5. You can adjust the playback speed of the video

Online training is characterized by the ability to adjust the playback speed of the video. Since the functions differ depending on the online training service, it cannot be said unconditionally, but in many cases, the speed can be increased by 1.5 times or 2 times or slowed down by 0.75 times or 0.5 times. 

6. You can study anytime and anywhere

Online training can be conducted at any time and place. Group training must be conducted at one place simultaneously. Still, if it is online training in the form of watching recorded lectures, they will proceed with learning at the student’s pace at the student’s convenience. 

7. Keep the quality of education uniform

In online training, if the same learning materials are used, the quality of education can be kept uniform, so there is not much difference in employee growth. In training, it is possible to reduce the difference in the degree of growth among employees.

8. You can manage the progress of learning

About SKILLEDGE learners courses where students can be managed on the online management screen, it is possible to check the learning progress as data and to grasp how much they understand by using the report submission function. 

9. Unification of employee skills

Using the same learning content every time also helps to unify the knowledge and skills of employees. With an internet environment, you can do the same learning anywhere in the world, so there are no geographical issues.

10. Easy fix or change

Since the learning content is unified, even if corrections or changes are needed, it can be completed with a single edit in the system. It would be very troublesome if “a typographical error was found after distributing it on paper.”


So.  these were the top 10 things that you should be knowing and have always been true about SKILLEDGE learners! Hope you liked this read! 

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