“Business Development Edge” the only 360 degree Training Program for sales and Marketing Field!

Business Development Edge: Best Sales & Marketing Course!

We all know that any business or company runs on a simple principle — their product/service should be sold in an adequate amount and as per the forecasted anticipation. If the business marketing strategy is correct, then Sales & Marketing are undoubtedly going to hit the sky.  

Keeping this simple thing in mind, many finance students or Sales & Marketing domain employees try to implement innovative practices in their day-to-day lives. However, due to improper guidance and lack of precise direction, one may get diverted, and it may lead to failure. 

We all know that for B2B companies, the Sales & Marketing process is of the utmost importance, because this department decides the overall financial progress of the whole organization in the anticipated forecast period. The talented and dedicated Sales & Marketing team can make the organization grow exponentially at a fast pace. This is the power of the Sales & Marketing department, and hence this department is often called the backbone of any business.

The B2B services or B2B products in the global B2B market always need a robust Sales and Marketing strategy to make their firm place in the market. Keeping this always on priority, all the corporate companies try to make use of high-end and top-notch technology to grow their sales figures. The corporate sector needs thousands of talented B2B salespersons to make this happen every year. However, the supply of such talented salespersons is not adequate in the market.    

To fill this gap between demand and supply and knowing the absence of a good training platform for finance domain learners, SKILLEDGE has developed a power-packed, 360-degree complete online training and skilling program for finance enthusiasts — Business Development Edge!  

This training program provides a complete comprehensive overview of the Finance domain. The learners become eligible to apply for five job profiles once they complete the course. These profiles are Business Development Associate, Sales & Marketing Associate or Sales & Marketing Executive, Associate Account Manager, and Sales & Marketing Development Specialist. You can attempt the Eligibility Test by clicking here. Once you pass this test, our Skill Advisor will call you to explain the further enrollment process and get started with your Skilling Journey! 

Click here to know more about this extraordinary, self-paced, online skilling and training course.

SKILLEDGE has also developed a mobile application for an on-the-go and 24×7 seamless learning experience! To know more about our mobile application, click here.

If you are unsure about your skillset or want to hone some of your skills, you can attempt SKILL PARIKSHA and get to know yourself in better ways! The attempt of SKILL PARIKSHA is free of cost, and you can try it for as many skills as you want. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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