Amazon India survey: Pandemic made professionals rethink their career plans

Did the pandemic make professionals rethink career paths?

The pandemic was a sudden hit, and most of us were not prepared to handle it. But some people have managed it well and grew at that time. How could they have made it possible? They have made it possible because they were rightly prepared. 

They have advanced their career and skills to deal with any sudden changes. They have taken the preparation that many of us have ignored. But the pandemic has made us understand that now we need to upskill ourselves to survive in the industry amid all interruptions. 

According to a survey by Amazon India, it’s prominent that the COVID-19 pandemic has made professionals in the country rethink their professional career paths. Apart from this, it is also evident that advancing their skills is gravely essential and changing the career plan. 

Amazon India commissioned the survey, and Morning Consult conducted it in August, and nearly 1000 professionals took part in the survey. 

It is interesting to note that almost all the professionals agreed that they googled this question at least once during the pandemic — “Should I switch job during the pandemic?

The survey revealed that nearly 59% of all respondents said they were actively searching for a new job. Some respondents say that their pay cut was the result of the pandemic. 

On the other hand, a majority of professionals are planning to switch industries due to the pandemic. Some professionals were not satisfied in their present job, and they were looking for something better where they could do something more meaningful. 

The amazing fact is that nearly 51% of all respondents said they are interested in performing new jobs in different industries where they do not have any prior working experience. Many people also said that compensation is a vital aspect of applying for a new job. 

India has also suffered the worst job loss, and many industries were forced to stop their performance due to the health rules of the government. As a result, a lot of people have suffered job loss. 

We can see that many industries have restarted their performance during the pandemic, but not all previous employees have gotten back to them. Due to transportation issues, they have changed industries to survive in those worst days, and some are unwilling to return to work. 

However, we must say the COVID-19 pandemic has made nearly all professionals think about their career path — be it the IT career path or anything else. 

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