All You Need To Know About Online Engineering Upskilling Courses (With Certificates) Offered By SKILLEDGE!

Online Upskilling for Engineers?

Engineering is one of the most significant technical fields that has profoundly impacted the world since ages. The engineering industry has so many streams, and each stream is unique in its own way. 

All the genius, clever, and ignited minds have imbibed the world through the engineering field from the last many decades. This will continue to happen unless and until the need of the engineering field is present. 

All the engineering streams, such as mechanical engineering, basic electrical engineering, eee engineering, etc., are very important. Many aspiring students take admissions to these courses in different universities across the globe. 

In recent years, it has been observed that the graduates passing from renowned universities lack the essential industrial practical knowledge. This is why it becomes difficult for them to get employed in the industries. Even if they get the job, then the company has to train them and hone their job-specific skills. This way, the company’s time, space, staffing, and other resources are unnecessarily wasted.

To avoid this, the students can be trained and skilled well from the industrial knowledge perspective at the college level only so that they become job-ready before even applying for their desired dream job. 

Keeping the noble thought of training and upskilling the students at graduation level and making them employable and “DAY ONE JOB READY“, SKILLEDGE has launched their flagship upskilling and training online program for aspiring engineering graduates — Graduate Engineer Trainee (G.E.T) Edge!

The G.E.T. Edge is an online engineering upskilling program that upskills the candidate in such a way that the candidate can apply for jobs in four engineering domains — Design, Product Development, Plant Operations, and Manufacturing! This way, the candidate becomes versatile and skillful. 

Here are the salient features of this online graduate trainee engineer online upskilling program:

  • 300+ hours of online learning in which core technical concepts are explained and deeply imbibed in the learner’s mind
  • 70+ hours of online education is dedicated to only job-specific skilling    
  • 60+ online sessions are arranged during four months period in totality
  • 80+ industry case studies are demonstrated for crystal-clear, precise, and better understanding
  • 300+ interview questions are covered, along with their potential answers
  • Learners get access to world-class faculty and industry mentors with extensive experience in their respective fields
  • Special and minute attention is given to the soft skills and resume/CV preparation
  • LinkedIn profile preparation and maintenance

Apart from this, there are many perks included in this power-packed, information-enriched online upskilling program. If you want to know more about this program, then you can click here to download the information brochure.   

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